About Us


Our Name: 'Skriva' means 'to write' in Faroese, Swedish, Breton, and Old Frisian. It came from the Latin 'scribere' - as did 'skrifa', the Old Norse for 'to write'. Arriving in Scotland, 'skrifa' mixed with the existing Scots word 'scrieve' meaning 'to flow along smoothly', and gave a second meaning to 'scrieve': 'to write without stopping'.  

Our Philosophy: Skriva Writing School was started by poet, short story writer and novelist Sophie Cooke. Sophie believes the most important skills and attributes for a writer are observation, empathy, imagination, and a deep love of language. These are the things which we look for in our students, and which we will continue to develop alongside your technical skills.

Skriva Writing School was set up in order to provide a high quality alternative to academic Creative Writing courses. We think that academic courses fulfil an important need, but that there is also a need for something different. Here, we want to help you find your own way of writing, and guide you in this process, rather than imposing an academic methodology on your work.

We believe in writing that comes from the heart; from the subconscious; from the uniqueness of all your experiences, feelings, and beliefs. We can give you all the technical skills and advice you need - but we will take care that you never lose the quality that makes your writing unique. Whether you want to write literary fiction or romance, spy thrillers or science fiction, short stories or poetry, feature films or a TV series: we want you to write from a place of personal truth, with the support of a friendly learning environment  and the best professional guidance.