Writing Scripts for Comicbooks & Graphic Novels


Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 April 2019


Workshop fee: £195.00 


Back by popular demand: our weekend intensive version of this workshop.


Graphic novels and comicbooks are now as mainstream as novels, film and television. They demand strong storytelling, great visuals and a limitless imagination. This intensive two-day workshop offers a practical introduction to making a successful comic or graphic novel.

The course covers the format, structure and approaches for creating a compelling script, with writing exercises to get creative juices flowing. You will learn about the process of moving from script to finished comic book pages with a look at the artists’ perspective, talking to a working comics artist about their process and what they look for (and what annoys them most) in working with writers.

We will discuss how to pitch your ideas to publishers, the current industry in the UK, USA and Europe, as well as the importance of online and digital markets for the up and coming writer.

All attendees will be given individual feedback on a short comic book script they will complete over the course of the weekend.


  • What makes a comic?

  • A (very) brief history of the graphic novel

  • A medium, not a genre!

  • Writing comics scripts vs writing screenplays and novels (and why it’s NOT so easy to turn the old screenplay under your bed into a hit graphic novel)

  • Who does what? (Or, why the artist is paid more than you)

  • The process from script to publication

  • Artists, pencillers, inkers, colourists, letterers, editors - a complete guide to who’s who, and what they need from you.

A complete guide to scripts:

  • No-one is measuring the margins, but that doesn’t mean there are no rules ...

  • The components of a comic script: who it’s for, what’s needed, and what’s not

  • The 10 Unbreakable Rules of Comics Writing (aka: Don’t Annoy The Artist)

  • Breaking the rules! Advanced techniques for the fearless writer.


  • The artist’s perspective: An experienced comics artist (Stevie White aka 'STREF’ whose work includes The Dandy, The Beano, Milk, Raising Amy and Peter Pan: the graphic novel) in conversation about what he looks for in working with a writer, pet hates, and his process of turning a script into finished artwork.

  • Time to write: A chance to try out these techniques on your own ideas or a scenario provided by the tutor.

Getting started:

  • Work for hire vs creator owned - what kind of writer do you want to be?

  • Self publishing, webcomics, digital, apps

  • How to pitch your work

  • Conventions and networking

  • The industry at home and abroad

  • UK, American and European publishing

  • The Big Two

  • Contracts - what to expect and what to accept


  • Discussion of your script with the tutor


WHO SHOULD ATTEND? This course is suitable for anyone interested in creating comics and graphic novels - from those new to comics to the obsessive collectors! Writers and artists, and writer/artists are all welcome.


About the tutor: This workshop is led by award winning writer Emma Beeby. Emma is one of the new generation of comics and graphic novel writers in the UK, and is the first woman in 36 years to write for Judge Dredd in 2000 AD comics. She writes Doctor Who comics for Titan magazines, and her original graphic novel Robbie Burns: Witch Hunter won Best Graphic Novel and Best Writer awards by the Scottish Independent Comic Books Awards. She has recently written a new series of comics about female spy Mata Hari. Emma also writes games and audioplays, including Risen 2: Dark Waters, an open world fantasy RPG console game that was nominated for a Writers’ Guild Award; and also co-scripted several Doctor Who audio dramas for Big Finish Productions.

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