Maybe you don't like courses or don't have the time in your schedule to attend a regular workshop. Or maybe you live outside Edinburgh and geography is an issue. Perhaps you are at the stage where instead of training, you need one-to-one hands-on help developing your scripts through different drafts.

Our screenwriter mentoring programme has been designed to give you support, advice and professional script editing.. Most of the work will be done remotely via emails, Skype sessions and feedback notes but we can arrange face-to-face sessions too.

The programme allows you to connect with a Mentor; allowing you the space and time to engage in a focused discussion about your script writing. The Mentor is a source of knowledge, offering guidance and support, examining areas of your writing, highlighting any strengths or identifying any aspects which should be addressed, to develop your creative growth.  Choosing to work with a Mentor can reinvigorate your writing and find new ways to face the challenges of your chosen area of creativity. No matter what stage you are at - either just starting out as a scriptwriter, a recent graduate or professional writer - we can offer support, tailored to your individual needs.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a way to connect with and talk to someone about your writing. A mentor can act as a point of contact and a guiding voice. Mentoring works for a range of different people:

  • writers who have lost their way with their practice, are looking for support to get them back on track and help them to reinvigorate and suggest new projects, directions or approaches.

  • writers who are looking for support in writing a project or proposal.

  • writers who are looking for help to seek out relevant funding opportunity.

  • writers who are wanting advice and support on how to best use social media and develop their website for marketing advice and how to promote their business.

  • writers who what to discuss the issues surrounding working to commission.

  • writers who are looking for advice, contacts, links to relevant networks or ideas in relation to collaborative projects or opportunities.

There are three mentoring options available. Find out here which one would suit your needs.

Mentoring 1: script read and feedback

Cost: £100 per script

This option is for those with a script project in draft form and need some independent knowledgeable feedback. We will read your script for you and give you detailed feedback on its strengths and weaknesses and areas for development.

Mentoring 2: One to One Career Advice

Cost: £125

This option is aimed at those who already have some experience: maybe you have taken a number of courses, written some spec scripts maybe even had a commission. It is for scriptwriters who are looking for mentoring support to help move your ideas forward or discuss creative opportunities and funding options or discuss any next steps in your professional practice.

You will get a 2-hour mentoring session (online or face-to-face) following an agreed meeting time. After the session, you will get a summary of the discussion and suggested next steps written up and sent to you by the Mentor.

Mentoring 3: Script Editing

Cost: £225 per script draft (you need to sign up to a minimum of 2 drafts)

This option is aimed at those who already have some experience: maybe you have taken a number of courses, written some spec scripts maybe even had a commission. You will have a script project that needs hands-on assessment, feedback and script editing support. It is for scriptwriters who are looking for hands-on support and guidance to develop a script project. You should have a draft ready to submit. The mentor will read it and then you will get a 2.5 hour script edit session (online or face-to-face) where the mentor will act as script editor, giving you detailed guidance on how to redraft and rewrite the script. This work will continue through subsequent drafts. Your mentor will also discuss market opportunities and career options for your project.

Please note: all fees are fixed with no discounts available - however, you may be eligible for industry and professional development bursaries.

More about Skriva's scriptwriting mentor:

Douglas Dougan is both a working professionalm and an educational practitioners in the field of film and television scriptwriting. Douglas has taught with Skriva Writing School for many years, as well as in other educational departments and centres.

How does the application process work?

  1. The first step is to complete the online form

  2. Once we have received this online request form, we can then review it and determine if our mentoring would be the most appropriate for you.

  3. You will then be emailed directly by scriptwriting mentor Douglas Dougan requesting that you send further and more specific information, including a sample of writing. It is at this point you will be contacted and asked to pay for the relevant ‘Option’ before we proceed.

  4. Within a few days you will hear from the mentor directly, who will arrange a date, time and location to meet (depending on the option you have chosen). 

  5. After the meeting, the mentor will then write up a summary (depending on the option you have chosen). This summary will be emailed to you. 

  6. Approximately one month after your meeting, you will be asked to complete an online questionnaire about your experience of the process and what benefits, if any, you gained from the programme.

Ready to apply for mentoring?

Please complete the form below to begin the request for mentoring support.

Mentoring Application


1. All projects are treated in strictest confidence. Any details about the script or project or your work are kept strictly private between you and your mentor.

2. We operate this service under our general data protection policy. No personal details shall be kept on file without your permission.

3. Note that we require payment on booking. Failure to do so could lead to a delay or cancellation of your mentoring meetings.

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