Skriva poetry workshops are tutored by Theresa Munoz (Settle), and Rebecca Sharp ('For The Bees', 'Fun-Kong', 'Unmapped'). Choose from a 6-week course, in which you'll get the help and inspiration to work on a new collection, or a one-off weekend workshop in which to try something new. All the classes are small and friendly, with a maximum of 8 participants. Our poetry workshops welcome writers of all levels of experience, from complete beginner to advanced. Please scroll down to find out more.

Poetry Writing Course (6 weeks)


This six-week course will take you through various aspects of the craft of poetry, to deepen your understanding of your voice and creative practice. The course begins with new ways of ‘starting’ poems and ends with a session on writing a sequence of poems linked by theme. Other workshop topics look at current trends in contemporary poetry such as writing about crisis, autobiographical and empathetic writing, and poems which use repetition and sound to create a sense of musicality. Throughout the course we look at works by contemporary poets and current trends in poetry form, including the lyric essay and modern sonnet. The course is a mix of reading, discussion and writing and there is an opportunity for feedback on a submission of poems at the end of the course. Your tutor on this course is award-winning poet Theresa Munoz, author of Settle.

Week 1: Constructing a poem: this workshop helps you to explore new techniques for creation

Week 2: Poem and source: use media, pop culture, history, marginalia as sources for your poems

Week 3: Swing notes: techniques to make your poems more musical

Week 4: Poetry & Autobiography: how to weave your personal stories into poetry

Week 5: Crisis & Empathy: using empathy to write poems about crisis

Week 6: Writing a sequence/poem-vella: a look at the poem sequence or poem-novel


Monday 16th April - 21st May, every week from 6.30-8.30pm

Fee: £240

Poetry and Perfume Workshop


This 5-hour Sunday workshop shows you how to use your responses to different scents to help create a poem. Mixing your own unique blend of essential oils, you will draw on your memory and imagination as you write, with help and guidance from your tutor, Rebecca Sharp. The perfume spritzer you make during this workshop is also free for you to take away.

date to be confirmed: e-mail us for details.